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We’re on the hunt for adventurous types to join our team. If travelling & navigating the streets of Europe sounds right up your alley, APPLY NOW.


As a Coach Tour/Trip Driver for Contiki you're in charge of getting our travellers safely around Europe, it's a huge responsibility, but it's a great way to meet loads of people. It's also the perfect way to work while travelling around Europe! Our Trip Drivers are the best in the business and we ensure their success by providing thorough on road training.

To be a part of our team you'll need to:

• Be passionate about travel and Europe.

• Be enthusiastic and motivated - we expect you to work hard for our Company and for our travellers.

• Be responsible and professional at all times.

• Have the ability to deal with all types of people - our Travellers come from all around the globe; they speak many languages and have many different expectations.

• Enjoy a challenge - our Training Trip and the job itself will constantly present you with many different and sometimes difficult situations.

• Work well as part of a Team - when you are on tour you will be working with your Trip Manager, On Road Cook, On Site Team Members, local suppliers and guides - you will be part of a very big picture.

What’s in it for me?

Being part of the Contiki Team isn’t all about just driving. You will get to meet hundreds of fantastic people from all over the world, helping your Trip Manager to ensure they have a holiday and experience of a lifetime. You will usually get fully involved in the running of the trip as well as take part in the excursions and activities.

This position is based in London, although you will be travelling around Europe for the vast majority of the summer season. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about having to relocate.

We may also have limited positions available to be based in Italy for the full summer season.

In order to secure a place on a Contiki Training Trip you need to demonstrate the following:

• Hold a UK or European Union Passport

• Hold a clean Manual or Automatic coach licence (PCV or category D)*

• Hold the relevant CPC qualification

• Have good references and driving record

• Possess excellent people skills

• Be English speaking

• Must work well as part of a team

• Have a genuine desire to succeed.

* Need to get a coach licence? Still apply as we can offer assistance to the right candidate.

More information on Contiki

Contiki Holidays is the world leader in travel for the 18-35s. We have been providing travellers with the holiday of a lifetime for over 50 years so we can safely say that we are professionals in coach touring.

Being a worldwide Company, covering areas such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia as well as Europe, you would become an important part of an ever expanding team. In Europe alone we have in excess of 300 contracted crew who you would be working alongside.

Our extensive training programme is second to none and is well respected within the travel industry. During the course of around 9 weeks we cover a vast amount of Europe, teaching our prospective drivers all you will need to know to operate our tours - including road safety, vehicle handling, basic maintenance, customer care, communication, route planning, organisation. The list is endless. Each year our training commences in March.

While training, you will receive a daily allowance and once contracted to the Company a very competitive fee will be paid. You are now on your way to providing travellers with that holiday of a lifetime.

For further information on where our tours go, how long they are and what types of accommodation we provide, visit

Check us out at, or get social with us at &

To apply then click on Apply now or go to


United Kingdom
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  1. We can only accept applications for the position of Tour Driver from candidates who meet one of the following requirements (visas and other permits are not accepted).

    Select one of the following:

    a) I possess a valid UK passport.

    b) I possess a valid European Union passport

    c) I DO NOT hold a valid UK/EU passport, but am eligible to apply for one.

  2. If you have selected 'c)' above, please state which country your passport would be valid for.

  3. Full Address

  4. Marital Status?



    With Partner

  5. Dependants?

  6. Your Skills

    Have you passed a test in the UK or Europe for a bus/coach Licence?
    (also known as PCV or Category D)


    Yes - Manual

    Yes - Automatic Only

  7. How would you rate your skills as a driver?



    Could be good with practice


  8. Why do you want to be a Contiki Tour Driver?
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  9. Why would you be a good Tour Driver?
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  10. Briefly outline any experience you have in driving long distances.
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  11. List all types/makes/size of vehicles that you have driven.
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  12. Briefly outline your previous work/personal experiences of dealing with pressure.
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  13. Can you speak fluent English?



  14. If you have answered 'No' above, please state your level of English.

  15. Do you speak any foreign languages?



  16. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please specify the language(s) and fluency.

  17. Travel Experience

    Have you been on a Contiki tour?



  18. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please provide the tour name and duration, year of travel, and the name of your Tour Manager and Tour Driver:

  19. Have you been on a tour with another tour operator?



  20. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please provide the name of the operator, describe the type of tour, duration, and year:

  21. Briefly detail your travel experiences to date:
    (Limit: 2000 characters or roughly 400 words)

  22. Health
    (Answers to these questions will be regarded as strictly confidential.)

    Do you suffer from any physical/mental illness that would limit you from doing any part of the job being applied for?



  23. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please outline the nature of your illness:

  24. Have you ever been referred by a legal or medical authority for treatment relating to the use of non-prescribed drugs?



  25. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please outline the nature of your illness:

  26. If required, are you willing to complete a medical examination by the Company Doctor that may include a full blood test?



  27. How would you most accurately describe your daily/weekly consumption of alcohol?

  28. Miscellaneous.

    Have you ever been convicted of any offences other than minor traffic violations?



  29. If you have answered 'Yes' above, outline the nature of your conviction:

  30. Where did you first learn about this job opportunity?

    Whilst on tour


    Contiki Staff

    Contiki Website






  31. If recommended by a friend or member of Contiki Staff, who?

  32. If 'Other' selected above, please state the Website/newspaper etc:

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