Apply for Tour Driver / Trip Driver - Europe

The role of Trip Driver for Contiki is a demanding yet fulfilling one.
All applicants need to:
• Hold or be able to obtain a valid UK or European Union passport. Other visas and work permits are NOT accepted.
• Be team orientated.
• Have the ability to learn and a desire to keep learning.
• Be able to deal with and work well under pressure.
• Be adaptable and flexible

If you are not currently in the UK and need to obtain a coach licence then you should aim to arrive by December.

We have now stopped taking applications for our 2016 summer season. We do, however, offer drivers wanting to join our team the opportunity to register their interest at any time throughout the year.

Due to the seasonal nature of our business, we may not be able to acknowledge receipt of your application but we guarantee that it will be considered after September when we re-commence our recruitment for 2017.

Please attach the following in the 'Attachment' box below:

o A copy of your passport (photo page) and Driving Licence (both sides).
o Your current CV and references
o A passport-standard photograph

Note: we can only accept one file upload per applicant. Please scan your passport to then 'cut and paste' into your CV to upload as one document. Alternatively, compress your files into a single .zip file to upload.

United Kingdom
Add Submission for "Tour Driver / Trip Driver - Europe"
  1. We can only accept applications for the position of Tour Driver from candidates who meet one of the following requirements (visas and other permits are not accepted).

    Select one of the following:

    a) I possess a valid UK passport.

    b) I possess a valid European Union passport

    c) I DO NOT hold a valid UK/EU passport, but am eligible to apply for one.

  2. If you have selected 'c)' above, please state which country your passport would be valid for.

  3. Full Address

  4. Marital Status?



    With Partner

  5. Dependants?

  6. Your Skills

    Have you passed a test in the UK or Europe for a bus/coach Licence?
    (also known as PCV or Category D)


    Yes - Manual

    Yes - Automatic Only

  7. How would you rate your skills as a driver?



    Could be good with practice


  8. Why do you want to be a Contiki Tour Driver?
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  9. Why would you be a good Tour Driver?
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  10. Briefly outline any experience you have in driving long distances.
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  11. List all types/makes/size of vehicles that you have driven.
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  12. Briefly outline your previous work/personal experiences of dealing with pressure.
    (Limit: 500 characters or roughly 100 words)

  13. Can you speak fluent English?



  14. If you have answered 'No' above, please state your level of English.

  15. Do you speak any foreign languages?



  16. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please specify the language(s) and fluency.

  17. Travel Experience

    Have you been on a Contiki tour?



  18. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please provide the tour name and duration, year of travel, and the name of your Tour Manager and Tour Driver:

  19. Have you been on a tour with another tour operator?



  20. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please provide the name of the operator, describe the type of tour, duration, and year:

  21. Briefly detail your travel experiences to date:
    (Limit: 2000 characters or roughly 400 words)

  22. Health
    (Answers to these questions will be regarded as strictly confidential.)

    Do you suffer from any physical/mental illness that would limit you from doing any part of the job being applied for?



  23. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please outline the nature of your illness:

  24. Have you ever been referred by a legal or medical authority for treatment relating to the use of non-prescribed drugs?



  25. If you have answered 'Yes' above, please outline the nature of your illness:

  26. If required, are you willing to complete a medical examination by the Company Doctor that may include a full blood test?



  27. How would you most accurately describe your daily/weekly consumption of alcohol?

  28. Miscellaneous.

    Have you ever been convicted of any offences other than minor traffic violations?



  29. If you have answered 'Yes' above, outline the nature of your conviction:

  30. Where did you first learn about this job opportunity?

    Whilst on tour


    Contiki Staff

    Contiki Website






  31. If recommended by a friend or member of Contiki Staff, who?

  32. If 'Other' selected above, please state the Website/newspaper etc:

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